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June 2013 Publisher Letter

Inspiration is often fleeting. One day I am inspired to start a project, using skills to create something new, scouring the Internet for resources to help transform ideas into something tangible. For a time, my mind is flooded with happy thoughts and creative ideas. Then, just like that, “Poof”, the inspiration is gone, and I’m left with only possibility, half-finished projects and a lingering, “Only if…”

So, how do we hang on to inspiration? Perhaps it has something to do with being happy, the subject of this month’s feature article. I seem to be so much more productive when I’m happy. Things seem to get done quicker and with less stress when my attitude says, “There isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing at this moment in time.”

Dr. Robert Holden, founder of the Happiness Project, a scientific study of happiness, calls this mindset the Now Principle. He explains that people don’t chase happiness; they choose happiness, now in the present moment, reminding us that any “now” will do.  That’s a great reminder for me and I’ve become acutely more aware with age that I must actually make a decision and choose what I want to think and how I want to feel…not always easy.

What do I need to be happy? It isn’t more stuff, that’s for sure. I have so much stuff that I have to find places to store it, especially since my dad’s basement is already filled. Less is definitely more.  I’ve found for myself that underneath the desire for material satisfaction is an ultimate longing for love and acceptance. When it comes to love, I believe it’s ultimately self-love and self-acceptance that matters most.  The love of others is also vital and the kind of love and acceptance we get from our parents profoundly affects our lives.

In this issue, we celebrate fathers and share insights on how fatherhood changes men and give dads ideas on how to create cherished memories with their daughters. I have shared many wonderful father-son moments with my dad, and I’m grateful that at 84 years old, he’s still around to create more memories. I wish him and all dads a special Father’s Day this year.

Follow where inspiration leads you, and choose happiness, now and always, and remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more!

Dave Korba Natural Awakenings

Dave Korba, Publisher