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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

September 2013 Publisher Letter

Aug 29, 2013 12:51PM

Autumn officially begins on September 22. What? What happened to summer? On this day, the sun spends equal time above and below the horizon. Night and day will be the same length. The temperatures begin to drop and the days get shorter than the nights.

This particular change of season reflects a duality in my soul. First, it ignites my senses. The landscape explodes with vibrant colors. A cool breeze portends the oncoming fall. The fragrance of football is in the air, baseball season hits the homestretch and crisp morning air greets us most days.

Yet as my senses jump, my mortality laments that another year is passing by. I remind myself that it’s not me running onto the gridiron and I wonder, “Where did the years go?”

As Robert Frost says in Reluctance…“Ah, when to the heart of man was it ever less than treason, to go with the drift of things, to yield with a grace to reason, and bow and accept the end of a love or a season?”

This duality makes me aware that time really does pass quickly and I’m finally realizing that I AM in charge of my life. Each day IT IS up to me to decide, and then take action to create the body, life and world in which I choose to live.

This month’s issue focuses on fitness, with a special nod to National Yoga Month. Fall is the perfect time to return to a favorite exercise routine or branch out and try something new. Be sure to check out our Yoga, Pilates & Fitness Guide, highlighting some of the best places to nurture body and soul in our area.

We support a strong, vibrant and growing local yoga community. Each studio offers its own blend of yoga styles, poses, music and meditations. We invite you to try them out and find the best fit for you; please consider our advertisers first; whose loyal support makes this free magazine possible.

Pilates is another efficient workout system for those that want to cross train to stay in the game. Of course, for those that feel the need for a fitness boost, boot camp intensives can deliver amazing results.

Whatever you do, get off the couch and move. Ride your bike, paddle your canoe, walk around the block and always remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Panting toward good health,

Dave Korba Natural Awakenings

Dave Korba, Publisher

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