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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Center for Holistic Medicine Introduces Microcurrent Treatment

Oct 30, 2013 08:45PM

Dr. Kathy Ferraro

Dr. Kathy Ferraro has added frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) treatments at the Center for Holistic Medicine. FSM is a form of energy medicine developed in the 1800s. It made a resurgence in the 1990s and now is available in Carlisle.

“The treatment involves very low, physiologic levels of electromagnetic frequencies applied to the body. These frequencies allow for the bonds of scar tissue, fibrosis and trigger points to break,” explains Ferraro. “The treatments have been extremely helpful in relieving fibromyalgia, trigger points, nerve and disc pain and pain from acute and chronic injuries. Patients often feel improvements after their first treatment.”

Ferraro has been trained using the FSM technique, which involves the use of a device that is applied to appropriate tissues. The FSM treatment is usually 30 or 60 minutes long and is specific to each individual’s condition. According to Ferraro, the frequencies cannot be felt by most people, but a sensation of warmth is perceived when the correct frequency is reached. For best results, Ferraro recommends hydration prior to and after treatments.

Location: 9 Brookwood Ave., Carlisle. For more information, call 717-243-0616 or visit

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