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January 2014 Publisher Letter

It’s that time of year again...a time of new beginnings, resolutions and new attitudes. Geez, haven’t I been here before? Oh, wait a minute. This year will be different. I’m REALLY going to stick with my workout routine this time. And my diet…I promise I’m going to budget, shop for, learn to prepare and EAT healthy foods. Promise!

Cue the chuckles and place the level of sarcasm onto those opening words that best works for you. I’m not buying into marking the calendar for new beginnings any more, even if it is January. For me, that’s just another way to justify procrastination. The new beginning is now…today…every moment, every day. All I have to do is choose and take action toward change, even if it’s just small action and incremental change.

For the Abraham-Hicks fans in the audience, here’s one of many gems that resonates for me, “What ‘is’ is just the bouncing off place for so much more. You are so focused upon what ‘is’, that you are not letting yourself easily go in the direction of what life is calling you toward. That’s why there is a tension within you.”

This of course, is a personal reflection for me as I grow ‘more mature’ and realize that I don’t have to continue along the path that was either laid out for me or that I thought I ‘had to’ follow. It’s all right to be me. Not only is it all right and preferable, I believe it’s the reason for being here. So to all of us who are searching and yearning for self-discovery, self-expression and personal growth… welcome to 2014.

Even though I’m without resolutions, one of the items on my agenda is building my own wellness dream team. Be sure to read our feature article and you can, too. There are exceptional integrative and holistic practitioners in our region who complement and enhance traditional Western medicine. You’ll find many of them within these pages.

Kudos to Sharon Bruckman, founder of Natural Awakenings, as this year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of publishing this magazine. We’ve been blessed to be sharing the South Central Pennsylvania edition with you for the last three years. Not only do we continue to grow in this region, Natural Awakenings publishers are now in 90 local markets throughout the country reaching nearly 4 million readers monthly.

Twenty years ago, when it began, mainstream America was essentially tuned out to the benefits of living a natural lifestyle that’s good for both people and the planet. Today, we like to think that Natural Awakenings is playing a pivotal part in helping this message reach the critical mass required to achieve the beneficial tipping point the world so desperately needs.

Thanks for participating in the journey and we hope to meet you here again next month. Remember to feel better, live simply and laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

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