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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

May 2014 Publisher Letter

Apr 30, 2014 01:01PM

Women today own the freedom to make their own decisions. Some might argue that bad decisions may cost them more than they do their male counterparts. The ultimate point is that women now have more choices than ever before and the freedom to make them.

In light of this discussion, I find Linda Sechrist’s May article, “Trust Your Intuition: Listen to that Still, Small Voice and Let it Lead You,” a vital counterpoint. Perhaps rather than counseling and cautioning young women on which choices to make and which mistakes to avoid, a greater help would be teaching us all to listen to, trust and follow our intuition from childhood on, enabling individuals to freely choose and live authentic, full and satisfying lives. This is the type of mentoring I would have truly appreciated, especially as a young adult.

My intuition tells me that this month is my perfect opportunity to acknowledge and thank the talented team of strong, beautiful women who create and distribute this magazine each month. Michele Rose provides the backbone and structure as managing editor and Helen Hoover is the driving force that keeps the wheels turning as we strive to build a meaningful connection to this growing community.

Nancy Somera piles on the fuel by supplying informative content and Theresa Archer is the epitome of organization while navigating through the most intricate editing details.  Rachael Oppy and Helene Leininger round out the production team with their steady professionalism. In the field, Angela, Jaque, Lucy, Alexis and Patricia are the life-blood of our friendly and reliable distribution team. All strong and beautiful women indeed… and each appreciated for the efforts they make to fulfill our mission.

May naturally brings to mind appreciation for mothers everywhere, even our Mother Earth. As “April showers bring forth May flowers”, we are reminded that Mother Earth knows what to do and when she needs to do it. There is much to be learned from nature’s lessons.

It’s not our job to question her or try to tell her how to run her life, or to interfere with the natural order of things. If we all are going to share this place harmoniously, we need to love our mother, embrace our home and be polite to our neighbors near and far. All living things respond to positive energy. 

Why not share some today, by blessing ALL the good women in our community and elsewhere and by remembering to feel good, live simply and laugh more!

Dave Korba, Publisher

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