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Craft a New Story

Jun 01, 2014 12:34PM

In honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to give a nod to my dad, Simon Korba. I remember key moments throughout the last five decades where he helped shape and influence me and my belief system… however; an inspiration he’s provided recently is the one I want to share this month.

Perhaps it’s more about the tenacity and will of a generation than it is about the man himself. After all, he is part of what has been referred to as “the greatest generation” and couldn’t help but be a product of his own upbringing. Besides being stubborn, opinionated and inclined to yell at the TV when things don’t go his way during a hockey game, he has a work ethic, sense of responsibility, tenacity and resiliency, which, like the Penn State Football program, is unrivaled… to coin a phrase for any Penn State fans, of which he is one.

He celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary with my step-mom, Audrey, on his birthday, in April. It was a bittersweet celebration, as she was in the third year of a progressive battle with Alzheimer’s and nearing the end of her journey. Audrey passed peacefully on May 16 with my dad at her side, as he had been so diligently almost every day, usually twice a day, for more than three years. He knew no other way to handle the situation than to exhibit the commitment, responsibility, tenacity and love that has been commonplace for him throughout his life.

While dad is working his way through the grief and letting the numbness wear off, my hope for him is that he has the resiliency to effectively ride the waves of emotion and to craft a new story for himself; a story that allows him to acknowledge and carry the memories that serve him and also a story that allows him to create the next meaningful phase of his life. I’m hopeful that he can use the lessons of his love and loss as bricks for the road to his own self-discovery, even at age 85.

Renowned American mythologist Joseph Campbell invites us to seek and follow the path of our own Hero’s Journey. See the website for an excellent inspiration in crafting yours. Also see Judith Fertig’s article, “The Healing Power of Story”, on page 22 of this issue, for tips on how telling our truth and our story can help in healing the body, healing emotions, healing families and communities.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Father’s Day, Dad… from all of us. Thank you. Here’s acknowledging all fathers and reminding everyone to feel good, live simply and laugh more,

Dave Korba, Publisher

October 2019