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We Are All Teachers

Jul 23, 2014 12:53PM

I often wonder if I missed the boat on my career choice. All the career self-assessment tests I’ve taken through the years have consistently revealed the result of “teacher” as a profession for which I am well suited. I guess it’s never too late, and perhaps I am a teacher at heart, even though I don’t have an education degree or work in a formal school system. After all, aren’t we all teachers in some way?

After reading our feature article this month, “Learning that Transforms Hearts and Minds,” I’m convinced that’s the case. Transformational learning requires interaction, varied and diverse inputs, multiple options and the ability for all involved in the process to have personal insights revealed, thus leading to self-transformation…i.e., learning.

Throughout the years, I’ve been fascinated by the psychology of learning and self-discovery, both in children and adults. Young brains are a sponge, observing and mimicking behaviors, mannerisms and beliefs. I’ve observed that much of my adult learning is a matter of changing and transforming many of the beliefs I learned at an early age… in essence unlearning what I had been taught and had come to believe as true years ago and often at a very early age.

Much of this adult learning has come via the application of different types of transformational learning models and settings, including several insightful workshops and group learning experiences.

Perhaps the most profound personal observation I’ve made has been the empathy I feel for others in whom I see unlimited potential and capacity. I’ve learned that I often project onto others my own desires and dreams and my own yearning for knowledge, growth, success, acceptance and love. This insight has led me to take ownership of and responsibility for my thoughts and actions as I work (and play) toward creating the life I really want. Yes, this classroom of life really is a transformational journey.

Please read the item on “True Grit” in our Global Brief department (page 14), because it reminds us of elements that are essential for successful learning and for success in life, however we choose to define success. Aside from the fundamentals of the three R’s, perhaps the best thing we can teach our children in school and at home is True Grit.

Reflecting upon this month’s topic, I extend profound gratitude to all of the teachers that have been or are now a part of affecting my life. That pretty much covers everyone on the planet, including me, as I acknowledge how much more there is to learn and transform.

Thank you for reading and supporting our advertisers. Enjoy the summer and as always, remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

October 2019