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Life Moves Forward

As I started writing this month’s letter, the “Holy Mole’ cartoon, sponsored by Healing Creatures Animal Hospital, at the bottom of this page caught my attention.

Life moves forward! It’s a timely reminder, especially this time of year as we take stock and look ahead to the New Year and beyond.

“Keep moving forward” has become a standard phrase I often use to close correspondence. I borrowed it from a colleague because it resonates and offers sound support.

I felt lucky when I found the following poster for $5 in a “sale’” bin… “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned in life. It Goes On!”

This new year for me is about letting go of what’s not serving me, even though it’s in my nature (some may suggest it is human nature) to hang onto everything and resist change. I’ve noticed how much material “stuff” I’ve accumulated through the years and realize that it represents the emotional and psychological clutter that I also carry.

2015 is a fresh start. Every day is a fresh start. It’s never too late to begin. New beginnings for me include wiping clean the closet and discarding items from the basement, doing a 15-day clean eating cleanse, maintaining a more consistent diet of organic, whole foods, implementing a renewed exercise and yoga practice and applying more mindfulness to my daily life.

What are your fresh start items? Whatever they are, be sure to read and take to heart the advice about self-love in our Inspiration department on page 25, “New Year, New You.” And for all of us self-love and self-help groupies, a tip of the cap goes to to Louise Hay, a pioneer in the personal development industry and founder of Hay House, who is interviewed in our Wise Words department on page 26. Her secret to aging gracefully, “Feed yourself nourishing foods and think loving thoughts,” is of value to anyone, regardless of age.

This is our annual profile issue. Inside, you’ll see expanded profiles for some of the natural health and wellness practitioners leading our region toward a naturally healthy lifestyle. We are grateful to all of the advertisers within these pages as we partner with them to provide education and foster awareness in spreading the message to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Keep moving forward,

Dave Korba, Publisher

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