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The Revolution Has More Than Begun

I once owned a home on the Delaware River. A small concrete patio sat on the bank behind the house. Each spring, I’d wage war on the weeds and creeping poison ivy that made its way up the river bank and around the deck. I liked mixing my own blend of Roundup from the concentrate, since I could make it more powerful than the regular premixed version. One good dousing in the spring did it. Powerful stuff, that Roundup. Thank you, Monsanto.

Thanks also for genetically modifying many commercial food crops. I’m sure your intentions are noble. I’m most thankful that your GMO crops can be sprayed heavily with Roundup. You see, I never really thought about ingesting the poison that I ignorantly sprayed on a river bank directly into my digestive system. What a great idea. Thanks to GMO fruits and vegetables, I won’t have to settle only for ingestion through absorption by unwittingly swimming in the river I was helping to poison. I’m not proud of my weed-killing past, and I take ownership of the state of ignorance I lived in previously regarding the environment, and especially regarding the nutrients (or lack thereof) with which I fed my body.

Our forefathers fought for and won our independence and here we are just short two-and-a-half centuries later, fighting for our independence again—this time against a foe entrenched deep in money and politics. As Celeste Souza, publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine in East Bay, California, says, “American health officials have been listening to protests of GMO opposition based on science paid for by the companies that own the profitable patents. It’s theater of the criminally absurd.”

The revolution has more than begun. My friends, the revolution is on the way to being won. The fight against GMOs has turned the corner. Your voice is being heard. Critical mass has been reached. A recent article shared on social media explains why Chipotle’s decision to eliminate the use of GMO ingredients is the next domino to have fallen, and momentum has shifted toward once again having true freedom of choice ( There is a new food democracy being born.

It’s time to get involved and educated and to make a stand for our right to clean food. A great place to start the conversation is with farmers at your local farmers’ market, restaurant managers and with the resources and proponents within these pages.

As always, remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Dave Korba, Publisher

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