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Parents teach and mold their children

One of my favorite passages on parenting is Kahlil Gibran’s On Children. In part, he says, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

This is a subject I wanted to avoid writing about because I’m not a parent. I believe parenting is the most important work a person can do, as well as one of the most demanding, and I learned a long time ago not to offer advice to parents about how to raise their children.

As I reflect back on my own upbringing and observe human behavior, especially the learning ability of children, I am amazed at the capacity of infants and small children to absorb and mimic the sights, sounds, emotions, thoughts and belief systems that surround them well before they can speak or think for themselves. It is such a responsibility for parents to teach and mold their children, yet how to do it most effectively?

I’m glad to be able to share the parenting wisdom offered in Meredith Montgomery’s feature article, “Enlightened Parenting: Tips for Raising Confident and Loving Kids.” It is heartwarming to see parents who are so self-aware and attentive to their own personal growth that they can offer the best of themselves for their children to blossom into loving and healthy individuals in their own right.

One of the biggest ways we can educate our children today is concerning healthy eating and what is in the foods we consume. In our Conscious Eating department, Erin Lehn Floresca writes about several local efforts that educate kids about healthy eating.

We are involved in bringing the film PlantPure Nation to the Allen Theater, in Annville, on September 24. Please spread the word within your network and plan to join us there with your family and friends to view this recently released documentary and learn how you can utilize a primarily plant-based diet as a means to better health. See more information on page 19 and on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Finally, you’ll want to see Linda Sechrist’s article, “The Vaccine Push, Mandatory Laws vs. Personal Choice,” which offers an excellent summary of points to consider when determining your position on this serious issue. We are lucky to have a local resource that helps parents connect to share information and education around this topic. Find more information on page 9 about the local Vaccine Discussion Group that meets monthly in Camp Hill.

Enjoy the rest of summer and as always, feel good, live simply and laugh more

Dave Korba, Publisher

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