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Lemoyne Spa Embraces Holistic Approach to Care

Nov 04, 2015 08:50PM ● By Rebecca Hanlon

Stacie Sheely

If beauty is more than skin deep, then Polished Salon, Spa and Wellness in Lemoyne is hoping to uncover the true cause of common skin woes. “We really want to teach people to love themselves well,” says Stacie Sheely, who has owned the spa for 17 years. “We know that skin care is about more than the products we put on it. Truly healthy skin, hair and nails come from treating our bodies well.”

Sheely decided it was time to introduce her clients to a more holistic approach to their beauty regimen when she saw how much her own body changed after some basic lifestyle choices. A self-proclaimed sugar addict, Sheely never thought she’d be able to deny herself a sweet. But today, she fills her plate with fruits and vegetables, while adding supplements from the M’lis Wellness System.

The changes have brought Sheely a new sense of energy and she feels healthy – both inside and outside—and her newfound benefits made such an impact that Sheely decided to share it with her clients, many of which she describes as a family.

David MacDougall, who manages the M’lis line at Polished Spa and Salon, says a lot of the beauticians at the salon saw clients that complained of bad skin, limp hair or brittle nails. No matter how much product might be lathered on a problem area, the body sometimes needs a little help from within, he says. A bit of a health nut himself, MacDougall thought a natural, holistic approach to fighting those common problems would be a great fit for the salon.

Any client interested in the M’lis Wellness System goes through a health screening to help determine which products are right for them. He also helps people learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle by teaching grocery shopping strategies that include reading labels and sticking to all natural products. If the client is interested, MacDougall might also refer them to a personal trainer for an exercise program.

“People come to a spa because they want to be pampered and feel better,” says MacDougall. “We want to offer a much more in-depth experience. We don’t just want people to feel good for a few hours or a day. This is all about taking care of yourself. It’s the ultimate pampering.”

About 60 people have already gone through the seven-day cleanse that M’lis offers, which seems to be one of their most popular options, according to MacDougall. “It’s a great jumpstart for many people just embarking on their healthy journey. Many people slept better, felt more alert during the day and noticed mental clarity,” he says.

The M’lis body contour wrap is also a popular service under the natural product line. Working with the lymphatic system, a full-body wrap helps detoxify and slim the body. The formula was created by a doctor at UCLA looking for a method to treat sports injuries, MacDougall says. The wrap helps increase circulation and leads to a decrease in inflammation. Many people use the wrap on an as-needed basis, such as before a big event to help fit into a new dress, or they do it as a routine to help keep them look and feel good. People can lose between four and 14 inches from their arms, thighs, buttocks and midsection, he says.

Sheely is excited to see her clients reaping some of the same benefits she saw from using M’ils products and making lifestyle changes. Wellness has become part of the “look good, feel good” trend, she says, but the results of this lifestyle are sure to last. As many people move away from conventional medicine and look for natural solutions to their needs, Sheely wants to make sure her business will be part of that migration.

“I’m passionate about it myself,” she says. “A lot of the clients are like my family. They’ve been coming here since day one. When I saw a way I could help them feel their best; not just by how they looked, but how their bodies functioned, I knew I wanted to jump on board.”

Sheely wants her clients to know there are solutions to their needs, whether tackling weight loss or fighting the symptoms of fibromyalgia that don’t require medicating, surgery or medical appointments. The natural approach might not be the quick fix, she says, but it’s the best one for seeing long-term results and truly feeling good.

Polished Salon, Spa and Wellness is located at 829 State St., in Lemoyne. For more information, call 717-975-9036 or visit

Rebecca Hanlon is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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