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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Feel good, live simply, laugh more

Apr 29, 2016 06:46PM

The month of May salves my soul. The fresh; musty smell of spring, bursts of color and hints of summer’s warmth compel me to lie on the green grass and soak up the energy of the Earth; to roll and frolic in the fields and mix my sweat with the dirt. It’s a soothing and primal connection. Perhaps it’s merely the fact that this is my birth month, and as a bull, I can’t resist scuffing the ground to reveal freshly turned, scent-laden earth before I charge into action for the rest of the year. The visceral, physical connection of body and breath to ground also prompts within me a philosophical and spiritual curiosity about purpose; why am I here; why are we all here; and how do we choose to spend our time?

My friend Jeff reminds me, “A lifetime is not a long time.” As each year passes more quickly than years prior, I’m having a greater sense of personal urgency to find my stride and define a life of purpose and passion. Did I say define? Check that. My definition of a purpose-driven life has been in place for some time. The urgency is to actually create it, walk into it and live that life, not on the pages of my journal or only in my imagination, but to take action and breathe life into the life that I envision.

Whether it is like a bull, breathing life into action with snorting nostrils, or like Arjuna, taking action on the battlefield of the here-and-now in the Bhagavad Gita, action is an engagement with our calling. Action is our doorway through fear. Action conspires with the universe to transform a life of dreams into reality within this dimension of time and space. Current actions for me include cleansing my body and nourishing it with healthy food and drink, getting good sleep, exercising and strengthening my muscles and my mind and creating and nurturing loving relationships, including with myself—uncovering and developing my intuition and expressing my creativity. How do you define your life of purpose and passion? What actions are you taking to transform that definition into reality?

This month’s issue focuses on Women’s Wellness and shares insights into key factors that influence their health, from thyroid function and nutrition to sexual intimacy, as well as envisioning what we want in life—all vital aspects of overall well-being.

Please feel free to share copies of this issue with the women in your life. Mothers, sisters, wives and children will all benefit from the tips, recipes, products and services geared towards keeping them healthy, while being reminded to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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