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Reitz Natural Remedies Features Cutting-Edge Technology

Jan 01, 2017 08:49PM ● By Kate Morgan

At the newly expanded Reitz Natural Remedies, located at 46 Palmyra Road, in Palmyra, Nicole Reitz specializes in locating the causes of physical maladies using the Asyra Advanced Bioresonance Health Screening System, an energy disturbance testing device, to identify the electromagnetic disturbances of mental, physical and emotional factors.

Reitz once considered holistic medicine to be “flippy dippy.” When she underwent surgery nearly 15 years ago, her traditional doctor diagnosed hepatitis that she contracted as a complication. “I was getting B12 injections and IV therapy, and was in so much pain,” she says. “They told me I’d need a liver transplant by the time I was 40.” A friend recommended a woman that practiced holistic medicine, but she was skeptical. After facing the possibility of gallbladder surgery and a pancreatic resection, Reitz decided to call her.

Now, healthy at 40 without a liver transplant, Reitz states, “One day after I’d started getting better, I went to the grocery store with my kids and it was pouring. I counted to three and we all ran to the van, and when we got there my daughter was staring at me wide-eyed. She said, ‘Mommy, you just ran with us!’ I realized how far my health had come, remembering the pain I was in just walking several months ago.”

Clients at Reitz Natural Remedies get individualized treatment for physical, mental and emotional issues. Using advanced allergy protocols, she reports that some clients have been able to stop taking commercial allergy medicines. Last December, Reitz began treating chronic pain using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy via the PEMF-120 device that is said to restore cells to a healthy state of vibration, inducing healing processes.

“We’ve seen incredible results,” she says. “A one-time session will generally move cellular balance toward a normal, healthy state of vibration and induce the body’s natural healing process. If you have a shoulder you can’t move, you will most likely have more mobility after your first session.” Other services include ionic footbaths, neuromuscular therapy, pet testing, reflexology and more.

For appointments and more information, call 717-641-3290 or visit

Kate Morgan is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.

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