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Live As If Your Hair Were On Fire

Dave Korba

Time heals all wounds, waits for no man, flies by, keeps on ticking and its passage is marked in unique, personal and meaningful ways…like presenting a memorial football award each February for the last 35 years, or sharing annual holiday traditions with family and friends, or adding another year to the publishing anniversary of a natural health and wellness magazine each March.

This month marks six years of publishing Natural Awakenings of South Central PA, our 72nd issue. With gratitude and humility, and a strong sense of partnership, I thank all the advertisers, readers and supporters who have inspired and lifted us through these first six years. We’ve only just begun.

Upon noting this occasion, I looked back at the mission statement we created upon launching the magazine, and it still fits well today. It reads, “To provide service to our community by being a resource for readers and a toolkit for businesses. To seek out, assemble and share accurate information that educates, inspires and improves the quality of life for individuals, families, the community and the planet. To make a positive impact and lasting difference in our community and the world, while upholding the ideals of honesty, integrity and sincerity in all things.”

Espousing mission statements goes beyond the magazine this month, as I acknowledge Sonnewald Natural Foods, in Spring Grove, as they mark 62 years in business and also discuss their own mission statement on page xx.

If there is one consistent thread throughout these monthly pages, it is a popular and vital cliché, “Let food be our medicine.” I’m grateful to have access to our advertisers across all categories, most of whom are following their own compelling mission to support, educate and inspire others. From them, I’ve learned that I must be informed and diligent in my ongoing efforts to fuel, nourish and support my body, mind and spirit.

Another local resource we can rely on is PASA, the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture, who last month held their 26th annual Farming For The Future Conference and welcomed Hannah Smith-Brubaker as executive director. We’re lucky to have PASA and their members right in our back yard on the cutting edge of contemporary, sustainable farming.

I encourage you to continue supporting the advertisers and contributors within these pages because they allow our free publication to continue its mission for another six years and beyond.

Time is of the essence, dear readers. Live as if your hair were on fire as you strive to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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