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The greatest wealth…is health. – Virgil

Jul 30, 2017 08:26PM ● By Dave Korba

Dave Korba

Good health is the most valuable currency we have. It allows us to enjoy life and gives us the ability to share our vibrancy with those we love. Through the years, I’ve found that smaller portions of a predominantly organic, plant-based diet have made a positive impact in my overall health and vitality. Combined with moderate exercise and a reduction of prolonged sedentary desk work, my body continues to be a supportive vessel as I get…wiser.

The biggest difference today is that I must consciously be aware of my choices and the decisions I make regarding how I fuel and maintain my body; unlike when I was much younger and could eat anything I wanted at any time, push my body beyond its limits and recover quickly.

My healthy living formula remains simple, but must be followed consistently…healthy food in smaller portions, hydration, moderate exercise and good sleep. It is a simple formula, and yet challenging in today’s fast-paced, fast-food, time-deprived and sedentary digital world. Just as importantly, I focus on the mind/body connection by staying aware of my thoughts and beliefs, and do whatever I can to minimize and reduce stress.

Earlier this summer, I attended the Penn State University Cancer Institute survivor celebration, entitled Surviving and Thriving. In addition to progressive cancer research and treatments, information was provided that focused on how to reduce the risk of and fight cancer. This included local educational resources that recommend food, physical activity and environmental considerations. More information is provided in Terry Cole’s article on page xx.

From local, organic farmers, farmers’ markets and CSAs to more visible and accessible nutritional education and local exercise and fitness professionals, we all have the resources and opportunity to research and create our own unique healthy living formula.  

Remember, as Tony Robbins says, “Knowledge alone is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power.” We invite you to use this magazine each month to help with your research, find your resources and create your own healthy living formula, and then take action.

In addition to “Rethinking Cancer” this month, we’re also “Reframing Autism.” Our Healthy Kids department helps raise awareness and encourages a whole new view, while complementary thoughts from two local experts, Rachel Benbow and Dr. Kathy Ferraro, are shared on page xx.

Thanks for reading. Stay cool as you create your formula to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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