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Unavoidable Choices Meet Irreversible Consequences

Mar 27, 2019 11:54PM ● By Dave Korba

We are at a tipping point as a planet. An unprecedented generational transition is under way around the world, brought together by the confluence of a digitally connected global village, outspoken and responsible tech-savvy tweens, teens and young adults, irrefutable science, and horrific visual and experiential climate change evidence around the globe.

Earth Day 2019 is a watershed moment. While baby-boomers crawl toward the end of the generational pipeline and Gen Xers are now middle-aged parents, their upstart children (Gen Z – high-schoolers and young collegians) from around the world were busy taking action and unifying their collective voices in a global school walkout that took place on March 15th called Youth Strike 4 Climate, in 1,700 towns and cities in over 100 countries.

Inspired by 16-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement swept the globe with a profound, yet simple message. Adults have failed. The world’s youth must compel leaders and power brokers to take action now, because it will be too late when these kids and young adults assume positions of power themselves.

As we waver on the edge of irreversible climate damage, it behooves each of us to consider all that we can do and all that our communities can do collectively to utilize sustainable measures on all fronts. Sustainability isn’t a vague, esoteric concept, but a critical factor in our very survival. It is also the watchword of this issue of Natural Awakenings, starting with our main feature, an in-depth dive into sources of alternative energy, costs, technologies and special considerations—including the availability of government tax credits and the option to make a partial transition to green power without leaving the grid entirely.

It’s time for personal and collective community action toward more impactful sustainability efforts. Please get out and network at your local Earth Day events this month, where like-minded individuals can help spark further local, regional, national and even global initiatives. Do your part, starting right here at home.

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