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Pets Can Benefit from Cannabidiol

Apr 30, 2019 01:02PM ● By Jacob Weber

Pets face many of the same disorders that we as humans do. Whether it is joint discomfort, anxiety or digestive issues, cannabis-derived cannabidiol (CBD) can be the natural remedy, even for Air Bud after a long game.

Pets may benefit from potential joint/muscle pain relief by reducing inflammation; potential anxiety or hyperactive behavior relief from calming properties found in CBD; and potential improved digestion by reducing inflammation in the digestive tract. Garfield after a lasagna dinner and Snoopy after a stressful day could have benefited from the positive impacts of CBD.

Giving a pet CBD should be proactive instead of reactive. Many pet owners find it most beneficial to administer it in the morning and evening. Consumers should ensure that the manufacturer provides a transparent analysis of the product. It is also important to understand that all pets are different, and the suggested use is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution.

Jacob Weber is the marketing manager for Vitality Organics, LLC., producers of CBD American Shaman Canine 300 and Feline 300. For more information, visit or

October 2019