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Transitions & Power are recurring themes for July.

Congratulations. You’re holding in your hand, or reading online, the 100th issue of Natural Awakenings of South Central PA.  Every month for the last eight years and four months, readers have received local news, results from cutting-edge research and informative articles from and about local practitioners and businesses. Our aim has been, and remains, providing objective information and education about the benefits of integrating natural health and wellness and sustainable living practices into our daily lives.

We are humbled to be part of the natural health and wellness and sustainable living communities in our region and are especially grateful to all the advertisers who continue to support our mission by using Natural Awakenings as a vehicle to share their messages and missions with our loyal readers.

Even though it’s been eight years since we launched, our growth continues to match the growing market demand for all things natural, organic, healthy, local and sustainable.  To keep pace with this growing interest and our strong readership, the magazine is transitioning on several fronts to improve how we serve our readers, advertisers and community. Changes on the near horizon include a new digital platform with greater community access for sharing news and events, as well as expanded exposure for sponsors and advertisers; an annual directory issue for year-round reader reference and exposure for practitioners and businesses in multiple categories; and a new team member who will be sharing marketing opportunities and expertise with advertisers and networking within the community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Helen Hoover, who has represented the magazine with taste and professionalism for over six years, as she moves into the next phase of her journey, while welcoming Stacey Duckworth to the team as our Marketing, Sales and Community Liaison. See the announcement on page xx.

Inside these pages, you’ll find our annual local food issue, discussing urban agriculture, home gardening, organic herbs for summer and more, including local features on sustainable planting with Earthbound Artisans and regenerative agriculture with Urban Edge Farm.

Power is also a recurring theme for July. You’ll read about the power of play; the power of the vagus nerve – the “superhighway” that connects the gut-brain axis; the power of forest bathing, which renews mind and body; and the transformational power of dreams.

Remember to get outside and play regularly. Then tap into the resources within these pages and remember that you always have the power to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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