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Hershey Dental Associates, LLC

Hershey Dental Associates, LLC
273 Hershey Rd., Hummelstown
717-220-1792 •

From biological to cosmetic dentistry, we are a full-service family dental care provider that does it all. Our state-of-the-art facility allows our doctors and hygienists to focus on each patient with the care they deserve. Each dental plan we create is completely customized to each patient.

Services offered: We provide a wide range of options from simple cleanings to complete reconstruction, including mercury/metal-free options, fluoride-free, safe mercury removal, biocompatibility testing for dental material sensitivities, in-office ozone treatments, clear aligner orthodontics and bruxism/tooth grinding guards.

Areas of specialty: Biological dentistry combines the techniques and artistry of traditional dentistry with a focus on the implications oral health has on the entire body. It considers biomechanical, biochemical, bioelectric and emotional factors to be important in achieving overall good health and wellness.

Philosophy: Your comfort is our first priority.