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New Food Preservation Group Forming

Sep 01, 2020 03:42PM ● By Dave Korba
The York County Food Preservation Group (YCFPG) is a gathering of like-minded people interested in learning and sharing methods of food preservation such as smoking, fermentation, canning, freezing and dehydrating. They welcome experienced canners and those interested in learning the art of food storage and preservation. 

“YCFPG was created in response to a post shared by a friend concerning their fear over food security during these uncertain times and a desire to can and preserve more of their own food,” says Loraine Bosley. “As the conversation progressed, more people became vocal about the same desire and that preserving food included much more than just canning. Our desire as a group is to include anyone, no exceptions, who lives close enough to the York county community and has a desire to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Ideally we’d love to host get-togethers and classes featuring invited teachers, plus our own teachers from the group. We’d love to keep this free or close to free so no one is excluded.”

For more information, call Bosley or Anthony Damiano at 717-873-3833, email [email protected] or visit the group page on facebook.

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