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Yoga Inspires Us to Be Still Intentionally

Sep 01, 2020 06:07PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold
“As the world faces an unprecedented pandemic, things feel out of control,” shares Tina Stroh, owner of Just Plain Yoga, in Lemoyne. “Our lives have been turned upside-down. The only things we can really control are ourselves and our reactions to these new stressors. Yoga practices vary greatly, with some keeping us moving until the last few minutes of savasana (final rest). Don’t underestimate the power of being still, if only for five to 10 minutes. 

She notes, “This is not about making the mind stop, but about slowing down and reintegrating the mind-body connection. A time of stillness is a simple way to step back and allow the mind to digest the thoughts and anxieties about things we can’t change. Stop and ask yourself what you can control and move from that space. Then you can reassess what you need to focus on throughout your day. This process is not about perfection, but rather small steps towards your own peace of mind.”

Remembering to breathe is the essence of yoga, which can inspire and benefit us when the intensity of life’s pressures, schedules and responsibilities cause us to breathe too shallowly. A note on the refrigerator, mirror, desk area or bulletin board in our living/work space or dashboard can remind us to insert breathwork into the ebb and flow of our daily routine. Taking in and breathing out long, deep, restorative breaths quiets the mind and helps reduce stress.

“Yoga—especially restorative yoga—asks us to be still on purpose, to notice how we feel and to be okay with slowing down,” explains Monica Foster, instructor at H2L Studio, in Mechanicsburg. “Restorative yoga is simply that—restorative. It is the centering of your breath and body, where you align the physical and mental state by practicing stillness and gentle movements. In life, we are often asked to do more and more, stay busy and multitask. Restorative poses relieve the effects of chronic stress and help us reset physically, mentally and even emotionally.”

Purposeful breathwork can help us change the way we react to life’s stressors and change our perspective, one simple breath at a time.

H2L Studio is located at 2151 Fisher Rd., Ste. 103, in Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 717-697-4425, email [email protected] or visit

Just Plain Yoga is located at the West Shore Plaza, 1200 Market St., in Lemoyne. For more information, call 717-975-9642, email [email protected] or

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