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Letter from Publisher - October 2020

Sep 30, 2020 06:11PM ● By Dave Korba
My new go-to stress relief strategy is to stop watching the news and following social media. Truth be told, this effort is not really new for me. I’ve tried to in the past, but always gravitated back to the habit. It’s time to make that a more consistent habit.

I suppose working from home during a pandemic in an election year may be justification enough to watch the news and follow a few feeds, but having the TV or phone chatter in the background as I work has proved to be not only a distraction and major time waster, but also a negative influence on my overall mood and health.

I’ve decided to go silent now —not even music—and let go of my fear of missing out. Nothing but silence and stillness. I can easily see the difference—a rise in focus and productivity and a deeper sense of calm and accomplishment throughout the day.

The essential connection between our mind and body means that although stress generated by events in our lives and world news may damage our health, we can get our calm back with practical therapies like reiki or massage, along with exercise, strategic eating, finding supportive networks and adopting simple self-care methods. Our local community (and this magazine) are full of local energy practitioners, nutritionists, whole food stores, herbs and supplements for relaxation, counselors and therapists that work with mental health, music and sound therapy, yoga, bodywork and more.

For all our internet fans, there is a new, locally based weekly podcast centered around natural health and wellness I recommend that provides fun, informative conversations with a variety of guests (many local), on a wide range of topics. It’s Something worth Saying, by Jordan Leigh at Natural Being Wellness and Natural Being Photography. You can find more information at

Speaking of fun, a special kudo goes to Tammy and Jack Bray, of Joyful ViBRAYtions, as they are expanding their menu of services to help us all lower our stress through the vital elixirs of laughter and joy. Check out their latest news brief in this issue and their new listing in the Community Resource Guide.

It’s no coincidence that I end my letter each month in a magazine devoted to natural health and wellness with a motto… “Feel good, live simply and laugh more.” You thought we were all just fun and games? Au contraire, this laughter thing is serious business. Happy Halloween!