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Take Proactive Steps to Prevent Joint Pain

Sep 30, 2020 07:24PM ● By Andrew Zang
Each year, tens of thousands of individuals seek treatment for hip or knee pains that could be the result of an acute injury or of the chronic, “arthritic” nature (normal aging), but this pain or limitation does not have to occur. Regardless of the type of injury, conservative interventions can help keep an individual from more invasive procedures such as injections or even surgery.


Many individuals seek answers from the internet, but when the solution is not found, weeks or months of suffering ensues—not just with the original hip or knee pain, but potentially other joints, as well. These could be felt on the opposite side or even the low back from limping around.


One option is to seek guidance from a conservative musculoskeletal health provider, such as a physical therapist. These providers will competently evaluate the hip or knee issue and provide an active solution for the pain. Generally speaking, the longer a hip or knee issue is present, the longer it takes to resolve. Therefore, it is wise to be proactive in addressing any hip or knee issue, especially if the goal is to avoid surgery.


A patient/therapist partnership provides a positive patient outcome that promotes joint health and active living. People can live free from hip and knee pain by learning and taking the steps necessary.


Dr. Andrew Zang, owner of Zang Physical Therapy, located at 3514 Trindle Rd., in Camp Hill, is board-certified in orthopedics and a fellowship-trained physical therapist. For more information, call 717-440-6197 or visit