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Coping with Toxic Stress

Nov 02, 2020 06:23PM ● By Jaque Hanson
The challenges of daily life may be met by a normal level of stress, which is standard and expected. Stress motivates us to get moving and live a healthy life. But when it becomes excessive and overwhelming, the same stress can take a destructive form. Little by little, we lose our soul connection, our desires and dreams. When we normalize such severe challenges we are denouncing our ability to thrive. The pressure can explode and shatter our lives.


Emotional imbalances may lead to physical issues, serious or mild. Our body is constantly telling us what is going on, so we must pause, reflect and pay attention to those cues. Being open and receptive to emotional and physical healing is key to a life filled with possibilities.


Don’t become paralyzed over all the options; keep it simple, starting with better breathing. Breathwork is sustainable, effective and may be done anywhere. It oxygenates the body so that we don’t literally starve our cells, especially when we add the abdominal chamber. It ignites the vagus nerve, which interfaces with the parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs and digestive tract.


Another factor is hydration. Clean, filtered water promotes overall, cardiovascular, muscle and joint health, supple skin and most importantly, cleanses the body. Connecting with nature may reduce anger, reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones.


Share with vulnerability. Create clear boundaries with a friend by asking if it is a good time to chat and hold space with them, listening and not giving opinions, unless we wish to. Having the ability to share with these guidelines may give us a sense of empowerment. Don’t take it personally if they cannot do what we need. Call someone else until the perfect person embraces us with compassion. By adding a few simple actions weekly, we may soon feel rejuvenated and able to embrace life on our own terms.


When the pressure becomes debilitating, that is the, “Aha!” moment our higher self has been waiting for. The sudden awareness is there to save us from the perceived abyss. Behind every door of damnation lies heaven. Detoxifying from negative thought patterns and challenging relationships, as well as food intake, technology and even decluttering our home and work environments, may completely change the quality of life that we deserve to embody as we create heaven here on Earth.


Jaque Hanson is the founder and owner of Bee Sassy and Bee Present Wellness, located at 309 Third St., in New Cumberland. She offers shamanic and esoteric sessions, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy, kundalini yoga and more. For more information, call 717-448-1281, email [email protected] or visit and