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Questions and Inspirations for your Singer Soul

Nov 27, 2020 08:16AM ● By Amanda Sachs
If you have a voice that can produce sounds, you ARE a singer!  Here are some questions to ask your singer soul and several items for consideration as you decide to sing for yourself or for an audience: 


1. What are the sounds YOU want to make? Since you were little, what voices and songs stole your heart?  Who are your singing inspirations? What sounds and experiences do you dream of creating with your voice?  Do not let your inner critic judge your answers at this “dream stage.”  Take these sound visions and find a teacher that will help you create them.  If a teacher tries to impose their vision of your voice, find a teacher who will let you stay true to yours instead.  Healthy vocal technique is essentially the same across musical genres.  Any vocal skill can be learned—from belting riffs and runs to emoting and confident singing. Do not lose sight of your WHY for your singing. Keep your singer soul sacred.


2. Choose the Music for You Soul, Not for Others. Choose your songs because your heart needs to sing them. Choose them because their message rings true for you or because they move your spirit.  If you are presenting these “heart songs” to an audience—they will feel this authentic connection and be moved as you are moved.  Trust that the audience that needs your music will find you always.  


3. Move the Music for Your Voice, Not Your Voice for the Music.  Change your songs as you need them to suit your voice’s comfort.  Know your vocal range.   If songs don’t “feel” right, change the key (or the tempo, style, etc.) or to suit your vocal expression.  A voice teacher or trained musician can help you with this as well. 

4. Give Yourself Permission to Play!  Sing for emotion and imperfection!  Take your mind out of it sometimes.  The best performances are not the perfect ones; they are the ones that connect us to our human hearts. Be real. It’s the hardest and bravest thing to do. Doing that frees others to do the same!


5. A Song is Never “Done.” Play through old songs as your new self.  Make the thing. Put it out there. Jam with others. It will never be perfect. You will always be growing and changing.  Take your songs with you. 

Whether you are a seasoned singer, or are just finding your voice; whether you aspire to perform, or plan to keep your singing in the shower, stay true to yourself and be authentic. Using your voice, in all its forms, can be a personally transformative and healing power – whether you are singing just for the fun of it or as part of a community, singing can be soothing for the soul, empowering, moving and emotionally and physically healing.

Amanda is a contemporary, commercial music vocalist and classical singer who performs regularly in central Pennsylvania.  Her online and in person voice studio for voice coaching and voice lessons has been in business for 13 years.  She is a Reiki Master and 200RYT Yoga Instructor.  Connect with Amanda on social media or via email at [email protected].