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Wisdom for Weight Loss

Dec 29, 2020 02:03PM ● By Fred Swartley
Losing weight is the focus of many in the new year. Many will be hitting the gym in hopes of burning extra calories, while others will embark on radical, low-carbs regimens such as keto, Atkins or carnivore diets. Some will even try extensive fasting or extreme calorie reduction to quickly shed unwanted fat, or other extreme measures such as spending 10 hours at the gym every week, which seems enticing and promises the quick results that we desire.


Doing a three-day water fast will drop the pounds quickly, but such a fast can be dangerous and stressful on the body if we are not prepared for it. Restrictive diets may shed some weight initially, but they are often unsustainable and can result in intense cravings and splurges. Drastically reducing calories will give quick returns, yet result in hormonal imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. Making extreme lifestyle changes is not healthy and is bound to fail because we cannot sustain the required discipline and sacrifice over long periods of time.


The key to losing weight in a healthy manner is to focus on small, sustainable changes. Making incremental changes in diet and lifestyle can yield great results if done repeatedly over the long haul. Simply incorporating some green juices will help cleanse the body and eliminate sugar cravings. Getting to sleep half an hour earlier each night will increase metabolism and reduce hunger. Increasing daily fiber intake by 10 grams will achieve more satiety and fullness. Drinking more water will flush out toxins and reduce bloating. Taking a cold shower each night will burn toxic fat and promote better sleep. All these subtle changes will create a new lifestyle to achieve successful and healthy weight loss.


 Fred Swartley is a natural health consultant and owner of Abundant Life Natural Health, in Carlisle, which provides clients with natural and holistic solutions for acute and chronic health issues, specializing in functional nutrition with a focus on the foundational aspects of health and healing. For more information, call 717-448-0903 or visit