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Integrative Therapies for Pets

Dec 29, 2020 02:17PM ● By Linda T. Stern
There are many integrative approaches to similar problems such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis, pain and allergies. Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, a technique stimulating the nervous system affecting the muscles to adjust the spine, can assist alignment to slow degenerative disc disease from progressing and reduce pain from arthritis. Acupuncture can also stimulate the body’s endorphins and electrical flow to reduce pain and stimulate the nervous system to function properly and reduce inflammation. This may help indirectly with itch related to allergens. Cold laser works using specific wavelengths to stimulate the body’s systems to help with inflammation and pain. Some lasers have settings to reduce histamine release and desensitization to allergens.


Foods, Chinese herbs and nutraceuticals have therapeutic properties in the right combinations to help with many conditions, as well. Foods such as turkey, duck and pork can cool the body, while chicken, venison and lamb warm the body, increasing qi energy. Chinese herbs can also help with reducing inflammation, pruritus (itch) and pain. Nutraceuticals can help with inflammation, pain, detoxification and organ system support (e.g., liver and kidney tonification). Many of these modalities, foods, herbs and nutraceuticals are used in combination for the best results so that the progression of an ailment is reduced or reversed.


Linda T. Stern, DVM MS CVA, is the owner of Healing Creatures Animal Hospital, located at 3300 Hartzdale Dr., Ste. 108, in Camp Hill. For more information, call 717-730-3755 or visit