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Heart-Centering Practices Infuse Calm into Daily Life

Jan 29, 2021 08:40PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold
Infusing calm into our daily routines can change our perspectives, influence our moods and inspire us to radiate love for ourselves and others. Four local experts share their heart-centering exercises that encourage us to be present in each moment.


“Reiki is a heart-centered way of being in the world choosing mindfulness, compassion and gratitude,” shares Rickie Freedman, owner of Reiki by Rickie. “It is a tool to connect, replenish ourselves, radiate positive energy and stay grounded.  Every day we can take slow deep breaths with the conscious intention of filling ourselves up with light and healing energy. We can visualize our light building and radiating from our entire being bright and strong. We can allow our light to lead the way in every situation knowing that any energy less than light will either be healed by the light, or will go away. It just won’t be a resonant fit.


“The other very important part of our daily practice is grounding. The grounding current is the manifestation energy. When we are grounded, we can bring our inspiration and guidance into concrete lasting reality. With a daily practice of grounding, self-healing and becoming conscious of the energy we radiate with our thoughts, emotions and attitudes, we become a healing presence. This allows others to be in their hearts more easily and naturally.”


The following meditation exercises encourage heart centering.


Reconnect with Your Heart Chakra Meditation Exercise

Contributed by Sharon Muzio, RN LMT, owner of Alta View Wellness


Find a quiet place to sit or lay down uninterrupted for 10 to 20 minutes. 

Place your hands over your heart, feel it beating. Then, move to the center of 

your chest over your breastbone. Keep one hand there, the other over your 

belly, above the navel. You are creating a circuit of energy flow between the heart and solar plexus chakras.


Visualize green and yellow ribbons of light swirling around you. Then feel a warm flow of healing energy wash over you. Breathe deeply and exhale fully. This circuit of healing flow will help you find deep relaxation and is a powerful reset for your mind, body and soul. Feel the tingling vibrations of healing as your body releases and opens up for healing.

Allow yourself to feel light, to feel peace-filled … then rest in that energy as long as you are able.


Heart-Centering Meditation from The Center of Balance, LLC

 From Louise Kemper, RMI, and Leslie Kemper Punt, BCE, CCH, RMI, co-owners of The Center of Balance.

Loosen the neck, look up, down, to the right, then left. Circle head to the right then reverse, shrug each shoulder, breathe through the nose, exhale from the mouth.

Stand, legs slightly apart, knees bent, spine erect, arms bent at sides, palms facing up. Breathe deep/exhale. Visualize connecting to the universe, reach up, open arms, embrace gravity, pulling arms down, palms down. Breathe deep/exhale.


Point toes inward, knees loose, put hands on hips.  Bend knees three times.

Swivel hips in a circular motion five times and then reverse direction. Readjust toes inward, Bend knees three times. Non-dominant foot steps forward, then bring back foot forward.


Breathe deep/exhale, as your body relaxes, eyes closed. Imagine a breeze, and Earth calling on the skies while raindrops begin to land on your head...Lightly tap head with fingers, breathing deep. Imagine the sound of rain.


Lightly let your fingers drift down tracing the path of the drops, to your shoulders, down your arms. Imagine coolness on your skin. Shake the droplets from your fingers, take a deep breath, feel the pulse of the universe in all its splendor, rejoice in finding your balance. Breathe deep and exhale.


Heart Centering Meditation

from Sharon Askey, owner of Gracefull Heart


Gently close your eyes and focus on your breath.

Inhale slowly and visualize breathing beautiful light into your heart.

Exhale slowly and imagine all that no longer serves your highest good is being released. 

Continue this breathing for a few minutes.


Visualize all those who are close to you … see their faces in your heart; feel the love that you hold for each of them, and the gratitude you feel to have each person in your life. Perhaps you tell each one something that you are grateful for. Imagine you are all holding hands in a circle.  Visualize the Earth in the center of your circle (touching each of you). Feel love circling through each of you and permeating the Earth (and all of its inhabitants). Spend a few minutes in the Oneness. When you feel complete, gently bring yourself back. 




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