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Raw Foods Make Great Pet Treats

Jun 28, 2021 01:45PM ● By Dianne Wagman

Feeding our pets higher-quality organic and raw foods that are good for them can help alleviate aches and pains and relieve systemic issues. The food we feed them should be the same food we would want to eat—clean and natural, without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives or chemicals.


Nutrient-dense, raw foods can be healthy choices for both dogs and cats. Freeze-dried chicken and turkey breast, liver, turkey or duck heart, as well as lamb or beef lung chips, can be great treats to use for tricks or training sessions. These treats are nature’s most perfect form of food because they are biologically appropriate, support vital organ functions and help pets maintain a healthy weight naturally. In addition, they alleviate stress and boredom by keeping pets occupied while exercising jaw muscles.


Knowledgeable staff members of locally owned small businesses can make suggestions for well-balanced food choices and healthy weight specific to the breed of dog or cat.


Dianne Wagman, VT, CMG, aPHR, is president and CEO of Hounds N Herbs, LLC, newly located at 2519 S. Queen St., York. She specializes in animal nutrition and an all-natural, organic wholistic approach to pet health and vitality. For more information, call 717-804-9111, email [email protected] or visit