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Sleighters in New Oxford Offers Options to Enhance Sleep and Comfort

Jun 28, 2021 01:53PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold

At Sleighters Furniture and Sleep Shop, located in New Oxford, Jerry Smith and his team of professionals help customers navigate the process of purchasing a new mattress and bed base. Through a personable, no-pressure approach, they encourage customers to take their time when making furniture or bedding decisions. “This is something you will live with for many years, and it will have an effect on your health and well-being,” Smith says. “We’ll help you make the right decisions.”


The Savvy Rest collection of certified organic, allergen-free bedding allows Sleighters to build a mattress to suit the customer’s comfort level. “The mattress begins with three layers of organic latex. That can be finished off with another three-inch layer of soft organic latex or a Woolsey mattress topper. We literally build the mattress for the customers support and comfort needs,” explains Smith.


When Sleighters delivers the Savvy Rest mattress to the customer’s home, it is assembled within a casing of certified organic cotton and wool, allowing the customer to change the layers or even replace layers if their comfort needs change.


There are additional mattress collections, bed bases and sleep accessories that enhance a customer’s sleep experience. “We also offer adjustable bed bases in all sizes that allow the head or foot end of the bed to be elevated, as well as a combo adjustable and incline bed all in one. The incline bed base inclines the mattress from head to foot up to eight inches, which may support acid reflux relief,” he says.


“We know that how well you sleep effects how you feel. A healthy night’s rest is affordable, and our many options allow for customization, durability and long-term comfort,” notes Smith.


Sleighter’s Furniture is located at 5 Lincoln Way West, in New Oxford. For more information, call 717-624-7500 or visit

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