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Seasonal Eating Goes Green at Sonnewald Natural Foods

Jun 28, 2021 02:20PM ● By Gisele M. Siebold

At Sonnewald NaturalFoods, in Spring Grove, going green not only means adopting a sustainable lifestyle, but also adding green foods containing chlorophyll to a daily nutritional regimen in order to support a healthy immune system and rejuvenate the body. Selecting organic and chemical-free foods is a health-rebuilding and life-sustaining choice.


Sonnewald Natural Foods provides high-quality, nutrient-dense, in-season chemical-free and/or certified organic produce when available. They also offer open-pollinated and heirloom organic seeds. According to the late founder Grace Lefever, we can use raw greens to get live enzymes that keep cells oxygenated for health.


Alfalfa is rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium in a form the body can use. Use sprouts, but grow them until they turn green with chlorophyll.


Chickweed is a mild, delicious-tasting green to be used in sandwiches in place of lettuce or chopped into salads.


Clover (red, white or yellow) can be cut and used in salads. Leaves, stems, blossoms and roots are edible.


Comfrey is an excellent source of natural calcium and vitamin B12. Use the leaves, blossoms and roots in salads or tea.


Dandelion is an excellent source of iron and an excellent blood tonic. Chop the raw leaves and stems or decorate salads with the yellow blossoms. Besides chopping the raw foods for a salad, roast the roots and simmer them to make tea.


Kale is a dark, leafy green vegetable that contains vitamins A, K, B6 and C, calcium, potassium, copper and manganese.


Parsley has 22,000 units of vitamin A in one ounce, while carrots have only 2,000 units per ounce. It is also a rich source of vitamin C and iron.


Peppermint, added to tea or chopped in a salad, is a delightful change. It may relieve gas in the intestinal tract, as well as nausea and headaches.


Eating local greens that are in season brings an appreciation for the food’s authentic taste. Satisfying hunger with fresh, organically grown food fuels the body’s desire to innately appreciate eating what each season provides.

Sonnewald Natural Foods is located at 4796 Lehman Rd., in Spring Grove. For more information, call 717-225-3825 or visit

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