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New Tools for Maintaining Mental Health

Dec 31, 2021 09:31AM ● By Dave Korba
The American Mental Wellness Association has endorsed a prevention and management program for mental health and wellness created by Cindy Beers, owner of Mental Health Yoga and Wellness. This new six-week program includes two tracks: Mental Health Yoga for Individuals and Mental Health Yoga for Professionals. Both tracks offer a toolbox for mental wellness. Customized packages are available by request.


Beers believes that mental health conditions are physical medical conditions with cognitive and emotional symptoms, and just like all physical medical conditions, the individual needs to be under a physician's care while participating in counseling and other supportive recovery services.


Mental Health Yoga for Individuals teaches how to effectively manage anxiety, depression, trauma and stress. Participants gain an understanding of anxiety, depression, PTSD and stress, how they function in the body and how they show up as behavioral symptoms.


Mental Health Yoga for Professionals is for yoga teachers, school teachers, teacher aides, educators and counselors to acquire the tools they need to effectively manage anxiety, depression, trauma and stress, while also learning to heal themselves.


The professional’s course earns 22 CEU hours, accredited by the Yoga Alliance. For more information, call 717-571-4610 or email [email protected] and visit or