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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Community Holistic Wellness Party at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center

Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center will be having a Community Holistic Wellness Party beginning at 11 a.m., June 11, hosted by multiple practitioners as a fun way to learn about and experience holistic services. The party will feature local food and drink selections.


Kara Lovehart, owner of Firefly Hollow, was invited to many direct sales and home parties over the years and loved getting free goodies for hosting parties and learning about all the interesting wellness products, but she didn’t like the pressure that sometimes accompanied having to sign up for memberships, etc. She felt the holistic approach and way of thinking wasn’t always included in the gatherings and thought, "Well, why not have parties for holistic services and reward hosts with free services just for hosting a party?”


Products and services include Tanya Jarrett, an MPH nutritional therapist with holistic skin health and CryoSkin sessions; Pat Dumas with tarot readings; Lovehart with Who Aura You? Group Aura Readings and Education; Angie Wrightstone with a painting party; Betsie McClimans with natural product make-and-take and essential oil education; and Firefly Hollow massage therapists with chair massage and reiki.


The party intends to bring people together to experience modalities that some people shy away from as unfamiliar and open doors for people that have not tried a massage, holistic nutrition, art, natural products or reiki, or seen a medium, aura reader or psychic professional.


"The public is ready and wants and needs holistic wellness modalities, education and opportunities to connect with loved ones and community" says Lovehart. "We plan on holding periodic in-house public holistic Wellness Parties in the future as a way to continue to spread the word on these events and give our community a taste of what they are like, but the future of our Wellness Parties will mostly take place as privately planned events."


The event is all day, but each mini wellness party is a separate sign-up. The first two are free, and the others are $35 to $40. $10 off is applied for those that mention code Party2022 when registering. Location: 200 Farm Ln., York. Register (required) online at For more information about practitioner services and pricing, call 717-814-9136 or visit