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Myofascial Release is the Other Massage

Jul 29, 2022 09:31AM ● By Brenda Baxter
For those that have general tightness, pain, stress, tension and/or achy muscles, and if relaxation or deep-tissue massage does not last, myofascial release therapy may be the answer. Myofascial tissue covers, supports and connects the muscles, ligaments and bones. Restrictions in this tissue may cause pain and tightness in that area or surrounding tissue.


Myofascial tightness can appear anywhere in the body, such as head, neck, shoulders, chest, lower back and legs. A skilled therapist will be able to identify myofascial tissue restrictions and assess the best approach. Myofascial release therapy is different from traditional massage, although the results are like those of relaxation or deep tissue massage because it relaxes, decreases pain and discomfort, increases flexibility, releases muscle stress and tension, and improves the overall quality of life. It can be used with relaxation and deep tissue massage and techniques such as cupping or taping.


Myofascial release can also benefit specific diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, migraines/tension headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, cervical/low back pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel and post-mastectomy. Treatment protocol is typically one time a week for three weeks, then every two weeks until beneficial effects last between massages, and then one time per month for maintenance.


Brenda A. Baxter, LMT/PTA, is the owner of The Balance, specializing in stress management and relaxation treatments, located at 2201 Forest Hill Dr., Ste. 9, Harrisburg. For more information, call 717-877-7533 or visit