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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

New Meditation Classes at YOUR YOGA

Cynthia Johannes-Beecher, owner and teacher at Your Yoga, is offering an Introduction to Meditation class once per month and Guided Mindfulness Meditation from 7 to 7:30 p.m. every Monday. She says, "Our class provides a guided approach to mindful meditating and supports our students' yoga journey or meditation journey by helping them embrace the power meditation has on their entire mental and physical being. Finding the benefits of mediation can be so uplifting when the students begin to feel less stress, increased focus and concentration, more patience, compassion and an overall sense of being settled and content."


Introduction to Meditation focuses on how meditation can work to support well-being, describes the types of meditation and leads students in meditative practices. No experience with meditation is required. "Come and see how even meditating just five minutes a day will impact your body and mind." The Guided Mindfulness Meditation brings concentration to the moment using breath, grounding, thoughts and sensations to calm the mind and body.


Cost is $15 for Introduction to Meditation (1 hour) $6 for Guided Mindfulness Meditation (30 minutes). Location: 1900 Orange St., York. For more information, call 717-586-6494, email [email protected] or visit