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The Elements of Wellness

Dec 30, 2022 09:31AM ● By Cynthia Johannes-Beecher
Wellness is a continuously evolving, personal journey. There are many models that include physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, financial and environmental elements. We frequently need one or more of the elements to be in balance to experience our best physical health. All seven of these elements depend on each other and need to work in concert so that we can reach the state of holistic health.


·   The physical element involves healthy habits regarding what we eat, our physical activity and our sleep. It includes eating meals and snacks with nutritional value every day that are appropriate for the body. A diet rich in whole foods, meaning free from artificial ingredients or additives, which includes grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, is optimal.


·   The intellectual element involves keeping our brain engaged. This includes formal learning, reading, problem solving, going to museums or lectures, taking in a movie or any other activity that stimulates the brain, causes us to think or piques our curiosity.


·   The emotional element of wellness supports how we feel and our ability to cope with our everyday life. It is about self-esteem, sharing with others and feeling good about ourself.


·   The spiritual element is about having a sense of meaning, living by your principles and upholding our values. When this element is in balance, we may feel lighter and happier, with an enhanced ability to heal, both physically and mentally.


·   The social element is our connection to family, friends, and colleagues. It’s all about the relationships.


·   The financial element is concerned with managing financial responsibilities in a way that allows us to pay current debt, save for the future and have a plan for emergencies.


·   The environmental element includes our personal environment at home and at work. The cleanliness and safety of our surroundings greatly impact this element.


As 2023 unfolds, take a personal assessment of how the seven elements may be impacting our holistic wellness.


Cynthia Johannes-Beecher, MHA, RPh., RYT, owner and teacher at Your Yoga, is certified in daily mindfulness and aromatherapy. For more information, visit