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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Psychedelic Club Forming

The nonprofit Psychedelic Club of Central PA (PCCPA) is a newly formed local chapter of the nationally recognized Psychedelic Club ( that will launch this year with a presence in Dauphin, Cumberland, Lancaster and York counties. Unlike social clubs or societies, the PCCPA provides educational resources for residents and medical professionals looking to integrate psychedelics into their treatment options. It is not a recreational venue for participating in the use of illicit substances.


The founders believe each individual has a right to explore their awareness and that psychedelics can be an integral part of that exploration. They plan to host events throughout the year, including wellness-based healing/integration circles, yoga, sound baths, peer support meetings and nature walks; social events such as movie screenings, picnics, art/music shows; and educational lectures, seminars and fireside chats. The PCCPA will also be present at local events to gain exposure and support.


Membership is free. For more information, call 717-319-4975, email [email protected] or visit