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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Transformational Coaching with Ali Long

Ali Long, owner of Energetic Transformations, is accepting new clients to participate in New Opportunities for Self-Growth: Leveraging the Combined Power of Coaching and Biofeedback. She says, "Energetic Transformations offers an exciting new approach to life, leadership and career coaching that leverages a mix of traditional one-to-one coaching, assessments and biofeedback analysis to support and expedite a personalized growth journey targeted at enhancing the whole you (mind, body and spirit) in both your personal and professional life."


Being able to take a deep dive (discovery and reflection) as a first step in any self or leadership development journey is critical. While this process can be transformative, the impact and speed of the growth and transformation can be enhanced for deep and lasting impact by harnessing the power and insights of biofeedback. Then the journey moves to feedback and creating an action plan.


For an initial free 30-minute consultation and more information, email [email protected] or visit