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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Colorpuncture at Firefly Hollow Wellness

Firefly Hollow Wellness medical intuitive healing practitioner Kara Lovehart, who provides their signature mind/body detox program, is including Colorpuncture (acupuncture without needles) treatments.


Kara Lovehart, a licensed massage therapist, energy healer and psychic medium who sees Colorpuncture as a way to bridge the gap for those unable see the effects of energy medicine immediately, says, “Energy balancing as is a foundation for wellness.” She received training and certification through acupuncturist Rosemary Bourne, of Colorpuncture USA.


The program includes coaching, massage and bodywork, nutrition and personal energy balancing for a customized approach to healing. With the addition of Colorpuncture, it deepens the program’s effectiveness by addressing underlying causes of energy imbalances.


“Many clients feel they have tried many modalities and feel they are still missing something or not getting the results they want” says Lovehart. “They may be feeling tired, in pain, stuck, drained, overwhelmed, lacking direction or focus for what to do next.”


Free phone consultation. Location: 200 Farm Lane, York. For more information, call 717-814-9136, email [email protected] or visit