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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

Crossley to Speak at Reweaving Balance

Steve Crossley, a master intuitive in the areas of health and personal development and the author of The Spiritual ABC's, will present Seven Spiritual Reasons We Get Sick (and Injured) and What To Do About It! from 6 to 8 p.m., January 30, at ReWeavingBalance.


He says, "Despite what we've learned from science about microbes, medicine and nutrition, illness continues to plague us, especially at this time of year." Crossley will discuss and demonstrate a spiritual approach to health and healing.


Volunteering as an EMT in high school, Crossly believed that being around sick people could make him sick, but decided to drop this programing in favor of a mindset that would allow him considerable success at remaining healthy while working among those that are not. He recognized a strong intuition about their condition and what needed to be done. This grew into the practice of Applied Kinesiology, indicator muscle testing and homeopathy.


Cost is $35. Location: 5A Harrisburg Pike Dillsburg. For tickets and more information, call 717-943-4833, email [email protected] or visit