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Start the New Year with Pilates at H2L Studio

H2L Studio is offering Pilates classes from 4:30 to 5:20 p.m. every Wednesday in January at $15 the first time, single classes for $25 each, a pack of five for $105 and a pack of 10 for $200. Manager and fitness instructor Courtney Farinelli says, “There are many benefits to Pilates Reformer, including improving overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, which allow you to go about your day with more efficient movement, better posture and strength. As you grow in strength through reformer classes, you may even feel an ease in back pain as you stabilize spinal muscles.”


She notes, “These classes are the perfect place to start if you are new to Pilates, recently completed the private intro package or have some health concerns that may need modifications. The emphasis in the class will be on learning the fundamental Pilates exercises with special attention to proper alignment and technique. The class will be at a slower pace so that you can effectively and safely learn the equipment and the Pilates method.”


Location: 2151 Fisher Rd., Ste. 103. Register at For more information, call 717-697-4425, email [email protected] or visit