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Natural Hormone Balancing at BeBalanced

Apr 28, 2023 09:31AM ● By Sheila Julson
BeBalanced centers specialize in holistic hormone balancing. Through coaching and lifestyle strategies, women learn to identify lifestyle triggers that lead to hormone imbalances resulting in weight gain, low energy, insomnia, depression and low libido. Clients are taught how to balance hormones naturally through supplements, lifestyle changes and emotional support.


“These physical changes might not be your fault—maybe it’s your hormones,” says Paget Rhee, a multi-unit franchisee who owns BeBalanced centers in Harrisburg East, Harrisburg West and York. While serving for nearly two years as director of operations for BeBalanced, Rhee had the opportunity to purchase three more centers in Texas.


Rhee praises the staff at her Pennsylvania stores, which consistently rate among the top five in client success among the franchise. “We work hard and are very passionate about what we do. Our staff cares so much about our clients, and we take joy in giving other women opportunities to find fulfillment.”


Personal Success and the Quest to Help Others


Ten years ago, in her mid-40s, Rhee experienced work and family stressors, significant weight gain, depression and difficulty sleeping. Regular visits to the gym and dieting yielded no results. Through a friend, she learned about BeBalanced, and after going through the program, lost 60 pounds and regained physical and mental stamina. When she learned that BeBalanced was preparing to franchise, Rhee wanted in so she could help others experience the same satisfaction that she had. She opened the first BeBalanced franchise in Harrisburg, and today, there are 25 independently owned BeBalanced centers throughout the country.


A Different Approach to Hormone Balancing


Hormones control weight, body temperature, sleep and mood, Rhee explains. “We are different in that we’re not a synthetic hormone replacement option. Our program is a very natural hybrid of coaching, food supplementation and strategy, with a whole person approach.”


Clients begin the BeBalanced program via consultation with a wellness coach to determine if the program is a good fit. The coach looks at gut health, food sensitivities and stress levels. “Stress comes for many sources other than family and work,” Rhee says. “It can come from electromagnetic fields from smartphones, artificial lighting and preservatives and additives in our foods.”


The BeBalanced program typically lasts 14 weeks. For the first month, wellness coaches work with clients to remove elements that trigger hormone imbalances and introduce natural progesterone, relaxation techniques and foods to improve gut health, insulin levels and blood sugar. Clients are counseled on proper exercise levels. Rhee says during the first month, women typically lose 15 to 20 pounds as they better understand their bodies and naturally balance their hormones.


In the following weeks, the client begins a rebuilding process that introduces foods and lifestyle habits to support natural hormone balance. The last four weeks of the program take a deep dive into nutrition, which includes determining whole foods that best support hormone health, understanding carbohydrates and guidance on supplements. BeBalanced carries their own line of professional-grade food and herbal supplements.


The wellness coaches go through rigorous hormone balance training through the BeBalanced home office. All staff participate in monthly science training with a medical advisor. Rhee notes that many of their wellness coaches have backgrounds in nutrition or healthcare prior to joining BeBalanced.


Rhee observes how there are many synthetic hormone replacement options available, but the BeBalanced approach offers natural ways to boost the body’s own ability to make hormones at any age.


“We want to see our clients thrive and live their highest quality of life at any age,” Rhee says. “This is a challenging program, and it’s never easy stepping out of your comfort zone. But when you overcome it, you can focus on your next dream or purpose. Because of this program, I’ve done things I wouldn’t have done before—my daughter and I climbed Machu Picchu. It allows me to live a life that I probably wouldn’t have if I had continued on the trajectory that I was on.”


BeBalanced is located at 5201 Jonestown Rd., in Harrisburg, (717-673-7046); 3812 Market St., in Camp Hill, (717-673-7046); and 2331 E. Market St., in York, (717-673-7046). For more information, visit