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Massage Can Break the Cycle of Pain

Oct 31, 2023 09:31AM ● By Brenda Baxter

photo credit: pexels-7428086

Pain can cause time off work and relationship and money concerns, creating a cycle that repeats and can go back and forth. Chronic pain is a leading reason for the body to become less active, which leads to stiff joints and weak muscles. General movements become more difficult, and many activities become prohibited. Pain causes sleeplessness, fatigue and tiredness, and as a result, stress, depression, irritability and anger can develop that may lead to weight gain or loss, negative thinking and anxiety.


Regular, appropriate massages can directly decrease stress, anxiety and pain. It can help increase blood flow to muscles and joints to allow more flexibility and activity, giving muscles a chance to become stronger. Massage also helps with relaxation, which may assist in better sleep. A qualified massage therapist will collaborate and develop a plan personalized for specific needs. Massage is an integrated approach and will complement other resources to help manage pain.


photo credit: Brenda Baxter

Specializing in stress and pain management and relaxation treatments, Brenda A. Baxter, LMT/PTA, is a certified holistic MLD practitioner and owner of The Balance, located at 2201 Forest Hill Dr., Ste. 9, in Harrisburg. For appointments and more information, call 717-877-7533 or visit