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Natural Awakenings South Central Pennsylvania

New Apothecary-Based Wellness Center

photo credit: Rhonda Giddings

The new Zen & Now Wellness Center is scheduled for a soft opening on November 27 at 6009 Allentown Boulevard, in Harrisburg. Check the website for updates. Owner Rhonda Giddings says, “It is a new venture in healing and wellness for the community that promises to be a one-stop-shop for traditional Eastern herbal medicine, halotherapy, acupuncture, massage and more.”


Gidding explains, “The premise is based upon the archaic idea of an apothecary. In the middle ages, this meant a shopkeeper, especially one that gathers, stores, compounds and sells herbal and other elements for the health and betterment of the people they serve. The space will help empower patrons to change toward the optimum they seek—never replacing their primary care physician and medicine, but adding the individualized touch to their personal situations.” When people are empowered advocates of their own health and wellness, they become their own apothecary.


For more information, call 717-657-1951, email [email protected] or visit