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Maya Abdominal Therapy for Abdominal and Prostate Discomfort

May 31, 2024 09:31AM ● By Jaque Hanson

photo credit: pexels-kindelmedia-7298423

Research into Maya Abdominal Therapy presents a promising avenue for addressing a spectrum of men's health issues, particularly relating to the abdominal and prostate regions. This form of body work rooted in traditional healing techniques offers a non-invasive approach that has begun to change perceptions of self-care among men.


Traditionally, societal expectations have deterred men from seeking help for health issues, often equating the need for assistance with weakness. However, leading-edge research into Maya Abdominal Therapy suggests that this modality not only fosters physical health, but also supports men to embrace their vulnerability as a strength. By engaging in this therapy, many have reported improvements in infertility, prostate challenges, painful urination and ejaculation, testiculitis, frequent nighttime urination and various digestive disorders. It also shows promise for alleviating mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression.


Men can empower their health care by emphasizing the importance of a simple, effective self-care protocol that they can practice daily. This approach not only enhances physical health, but also instills a sense of empowerment.


Jaque Hanson, owner of Bee Present Wellness, in New Cumberland, has been practicing Maya Abdominal Therapy since 2016 and offers a supportive environment tailored to men's health needs. For more information, call 717-448-1281, email [email protected], or visit