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Home Detox to Lose Weight and Optimize Health

Detox is quite a buzzword these days. Everyone knows they should do it, but how and why are often the questions. Toxins are stored in adipose tissue (fat cells) and prevent the body from burning off that fat. The higher the toxic load, the more a body holds on to adipose tissue in an effort to protect other vital organs. One book that provides ample research-supported recommendations on how to detox our body and lifestyle is Clean, Green, and Lean, by Walter Crinnion, ND.

One of the best ways to decrease the amount of toxins entering the body is to get them out of the environment where we spend most of our time: the home. Here are the top tips to “green up” our home:

1. Remove shoes before entering our living space.

2. Use organic dry cleaning, or air out conventionally dry-cleaned clothing outdoors.

3. Avoid purchasing air fresheners and artificially scented soaps, detergents and candles.

4. Install chlorine filters on showerheads, in addition to filtering drinking water.

5. Purchase an air filter containing both charcoal and HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters for the bedroom.

Naturopathic practitioners can assist individuals to identify and detoxify their unique chemical burdens. When this important underlying factor is understood, patients are better able to overcome unwanted weight gain or the inability to lose stubborn fat. With toxic roadblocks to weight loss identified, the journey toward increased energy, metabolism and vitality may begin.

Leia Anderson, MS, ND, practices at Natural Paths to Wellness with Jessica Shoemaker, ND, owner, and Heather DeLuca, ND. Location: 3601 Gettysburg Rd., Camp Hill, PA. Their Spring Detoxification Program is available by appointment. For more information, call 717-494-4500, email Admin@NaturalPathsToWellness.com or visit NaturalPathsToWellness.com.

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