Wherever I go, there I am.

Dave Korba

“Wherever I go, there I am.” I believe the most worthy and critical trip we take is our own personal inner journey, where we discover, understand, embrace and integrate the various components of our psyche into our truest, most authentic self. Perhaps there is no better way to facilitate inner change than through outer transformative travel adventures, which is our theme for this month.

This is not attending a business conference or visiting a distant aunt. While we certainly can facilitate an inner journey within the routines of daily life, adventurous travel takes us outside our regular parameters to create new experiences that open new mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological pathways within us, fostering personal growth.

I’m happiest when I’m traveling on the road, looking at a changing and never-ending horizon seeking out and experiencing new people, places and things; always curious and open to learning something new about the world and about myself. It’s a restlessness of sorts, always looking beyond my expectations for… well, I’m not sure what, perhaps stimulation, excitement, validation, connection, happiness, truth or my spiritual essence.

Now, after many years and journeys, each time one ends, I have a stronger appreciation that whatever it is I’m searching for is not really ‘out there’, but is and always was a part of me. I remain forever in love with and grateful for the feeling of the open road and adventure, knowing that it will ultimately lead me back to a part of myself that had until then, remained undiscovered.

Joseph Campbell purported that we each have a “hero’s journey” to face in our lifetime, and that the template is essentially a structure for the most significant lessons we learn throughout life. (See FindingJoeTheMovie.com) Perhaps our feature story, “Transformative Travel,” and the sharing by local adventurous travelers in “Journeys Create an Amazing Unfolding of Self,” can help spark adventurous travel and lead you along the path to your hero’s journey.

When I think about my travels in light of the recent hurricanes, I am blessed that many of my adventures have been voluntary, although some have not. Natural disasters often force many people to make unexpected journeys away from their homes, and while the experience can certainly be transformative, the effects are often undesirable. As national media attention turns away from recently affected areas, let’s remember that for many in other states, the rebuilding process is just beginning. Please see our news brief, “Help for Hurricane Victims,” and learn how you can join with Mending Roots Wellness to volunteer and donate locally.

As always, remember to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

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