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Bare-Assed Naked...In Bed

Feb 02, 2017 03:55PM

Dave Korba

“Bare-assed, naked in bed…at home!” That’s how my dad wanted to leave this life, and that’s exactly how he did. We laughed when he first mentioned this preference. The laughter eased the uncertainty and anxiety that surrounded the tough questions we were asking. How much longer before his health failed? What and where would be the best way and place to provide him adequate care? How much longer would he be able to care for himself?

Whether it can be described as his conscious vision for an intentional passage or his innate stubbornness (or a little of both), he made his desire clear. Having spent the last two years of my stepmother’s life visiting her twice a day, every day, in a nursing home as she transitioned slowly with Alzheimer’s, Dad was certain the last thing he wanted was to make his departure in a similar way or place.

As it turns out, divine grace and the power of Dad’s intention manifested in what was a perfect farewell. At home, under hospice care, with his children present and him conscious and aware until near the very end, he took his last breath bare-assed, naked in bed. Not only was his parting desire fulfilled, it will remain a beautiful gift and remembrance for all of us who remain behind.

This month’s feature article by Linda Sechrist, “Sacred Passage: Conscious Dying as a Transformative Healing Journey,” tenderly explores how the ultimate transition can be beautified by compassion and dignity when thoughtfully approached.

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As 2017 unfolds, you may find yourself feeling the need for laughter, love and understanding as you confront the uncertainty and anxiety that exist in your life. We hope that each month, these pages help support and guide you along your path to a happier and healthier journey.

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