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Bhante Sujatha 2020 Dhamma Tour

Bhante Sujatha

World renowned Buddhist monk Bhante Sujatha will be touring South Central Pennsylvania from February 28 through March 8, because, “People need loving kindness and peace in their lives.” Many people have met Bhante Soma, the wise, funny monk from the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, in Carlisle, and this is his teacher.

He will give a Dhamma talk on March 2 at First United Church of Christ, in Carlisle, and all donations help support the Blue Lotus. Topics include How to Tame Your Ego – And Use it to Benefit The World, How to Heal From the Inside-Out and How to Handle Disturbing Thoughts and Emotions.

Other venues include Reiki Space and Learning Place, Carlisle Bowen Works, Red Head Yoga, Just Plain Yoga and Mending Roots. Click here for a complete itinerary.

Blue Lotus location: 51 N. Pitt St., Carlisle. For more information, call 717-386-8279 or visit