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Letter From The Publisher - MAY 2020

May 02, 2020 05:24PM ● By Dave Korba

It’s windy outside; more so than usual, and still a bit cool for mid-spring. There’s a significant storm in the forecast. I watch the branches of the weeping cherry tree broadly sway with mixed emotions. I’m grateful for the blossoming of another spring and a larger birth about to unfold into a new way of societal being moving forward, yet like all of us, uncertain of what lies ahead.


Things change. That’s the essence of our human journey, and “keep moving forward” is the mantra that keeps me leaning into the wind while always looking for ways to express our humanity along the way. It is this humanity that connects and binds us, especially during times of turbulence and struggle. Now more than ever, let’s be gentle and supportive with ourselves and others.


From an economic perspective, it’s now more important than ever to continue to support our local businesses, especially the small businesses and entrepreneurs who are the fabric of our local economy. I’m especially grateful for the family of advertisers who have supported and continue to support this publication so we can continue delivering informative, educational and inspiring articles and news to the community for free. Please do your best to support and patronize our family of local advertisers and small businesses.


From a personal perspective, it’s now more important than ever to strengthen our immune system with rest and hydration; a balanced diet, exercise and being outdoors for fresh air, vitamin D and nature; and by reducing stress. This month’s feature discusses important insights, treatments and prevention tips for those of us facing the more than 80 conditions that constitute autoimmune disease.


In this issue we have expanded the breadth of our content to include additional relevant articles, recipes and videos on our website. On page 26 you’ll find a new section entitled ONLINE EXCLUSIVES, with additional information and resources available online each month. If you own a business, be sure to claim your free, basic online business directory listing and post your events for free on our online calendar at


If you’re reading this letter, be sure to go to the website to explore the community calendar and the local business directory, and sign up for our monthly newsletter.


Yes, things change, and we need each other now more than ever. We shall persevere, learn and grow as long as we keep moving forward. Let’s stick together as a community, nation, world and human race as we continue along this journey toward feeling good, living simply and laughing more.